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The National Amateur Film Archive is the first body in Italy dedicated to the preservation and upgrading of the country’s rich amateur audiovisual heritage. Still largely unpublished, it originates almost exclusively from families and non-professional contexts, and until recently was mistakenly held to be of little importance. Home Movies is the only organization in Italy today that is involved in the study and collection of amateur film materials throughout the country, and the one that can guarantee that the original audiovisual materials are held in suitably equipped storage facilities.
In this way the Archive brings to light and to public attention a hidden heritage that would otherwise be doomed to be lost and forgotten. This includes family films, but also documentaries and fiction films, often made by skilled amateur filmmakers, works by experimental and independent filmmakers, scientific films, and a host of other materials. These films often deal with the everyday lives of people and are a visual record of their holidays, trips, group rituals, public events, work, and landscape.
The private, personal and unpublished audiovisual materials held in the Archive’s collection therefore constitute a huge, valuable, visual deposit of Italian history, a heritage that is increasingly being published and disseminated through projects and initiatives of various kinds. The Archive collections have been the subject of many academic projects, and many film and art productions have already used the images, in particular for the production of documentary films. Using its archival materials, Home Movies also produces, independently or in partnership, trans-media and audiovisual products, editions of films, documentaries, and installations.
Home Movies has been a member of the European network INEDITS since 2008, and in 2011 the National Amateur Film Archive was declared by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage to be a "significant archive of historical interest".

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