From film to digital

The main task of the Archive is to create an inventory of the films, and then preserve them, using processes that include digitizing. Except in special cases, the original films, with the owners’ agreement, are stored in the premises of the Archive. Located in the former convent of St. Mattia (now the Parri Emilia-Romagna Institute for Twentieth Century History and Memories), in the centre of Bologna, the Archive is equipped with temperature and damp controlled rooms, making them ideal for the proper preservation of films.
HD digitizing is performed through a special scanning system that provides a high quality product: it is then used by the Archive as an historical and iconographic source.
The HD digital copy of all the deposits is then returned to the owner, preferably via USB or hard drive (or alternative media on request), to allow people to enjoy their family memories, which are often inaccessible because the devices are out of date.
[To help us describe and classify the historical and social context of the audiovisual materials, the owners are asked to complete a form, specifying the maker and subject of the films]

Contributor Guidelines

For a long time, the Home Movies Association has shouldered the entire cost of processing the film materials collected in the Archive. As we are no longer able at this time to continue to do so, we are obliged to ask the owners to cover part of the costs of processing and storing the films.
In cases of particular historical and archival value, we will accept audiovisual material even if the donor cannot make a financial contribution. In such cases we allocate resources to offset the financial imbalance.
Please, therefore, do not hesitate to submit the materials in your possession!
If you have amateur or family films and would like more information, please contact Home Movies by e-mail at, if possible giving details on:

  1. the film format (9,5mm Pathé Baby, 16mm, 8mm, Super 8, other),
  2. the number of items,
  3. the gauge and length (in meters) of the films,
  4. the year or period of the footage,
  5. the contents.


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