Today the archive contains about 20,000 items, almost all on original film (8mm, Super8, 16mm, 9.5mm Pathé Baby) and made between the 1920s and the 1980s. It also has a small amount of 35mm film and an increasing quantity of audio and video magnetic tapes. In all, its collection contains about 5,000 hours of audiovisual material from all over Italy, films that families – and not only families - have saved for years in their drawers, cupboards, attics and cellars and that contain a documentary heritage of great historical and social interest: from the celebration of everyday life in all its most ritual aspects to recording work and free time, from public events to the transformation of the landscape.

We invite you to discover the amateur film archive online:

  1. on the archIVI portal: http://www.cittadegliarchivi.it/soggetti-conservatori/it-cpa-sc-home-movies (archives from Bologna),
  2. on the Antenati portal (Direzione Generale degli Archivi, MiBACT): http://www.antenati.san.beniculturali.it/homemovies


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